10 Tips To Boost Your Website Conversion Rate!

website conversion rate

What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is a metric by which you can evaluate how many people performed a profitable action for your business after visiting your business website. 

To grow your business and to improve your online reputation you must increase your website conversion rate.

But how to do that? Don’t worry, we have listed 10 best practices to boost your website conversion rate.

Let’s start at one-by-one.

conversion rate
conversion rate

Optimize Web Page Titles And Descriptions

Just creating a web page and indexing it in the Google index is not enough to get tons of users to your website. You need attraction in the crowd to get clicks on your result showing in the SERP (search engine result page).

You have 3 things on which you should focus on to get maximum clicks in the SERP. These 3 things are mentioned below:-

  • Page Title: Page title is the first chance to grab the attention of your potential customers who are ready to buy. Keep your title short, clear and different from others.
  • Page Description: Page description is the second chance to make your users mind to click on your website. The description is made to clear your users where will they go and what will they get after clicking on your website. 
  • Page URL: Page URL should be matchable with the title and description to increase the relevance of your snippet appearing in the SERP. 
Page title, description, and URL
Page title, description, and URL

Improve Website Loading Speed

Getting more and more visitors to your website is not the factor of higher conversion. Having a fast loading website is the primary factor to maximize your conversion rate. 

Open the Google search console report and see which pages are getting the most traffic and then check their loading speed one-by-one through the Google Speed Test Tool.

Now, focus on the pages which are getting the most traffic, but have the slow loading speed. 

Website Loading page
Website Loading page

What To Do With Slow Loading Pages?

If those pages are loading slow, then optimize them to boost their loading speed. Minify Javascript and CSS files, compress images without sacrificing their quality, remove unnecessary elements.

All these practices will help you to boost your web page speed and to improve your conversion rate a bit more. 

Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate

Remove Irritating Pop-ups And Ads

A visitor can only consume your content if he can see it. Right? But, what will happen if you put so many pop-ups and ads in front of your content? He won’t be able to read the content which he wants to. Right?

That’s the point where you make your users irritated and you make their mind to leave your site. That’s not gonna boost your conversion rate at all even, your conversion rate will fall down drastically. 


Use Strong CTA (Call-To-Action)

You have a great website with fast loading speed, consumable and informative content, appealing UX (user experience). But maybe you are not getting conversions. Why is it so?

Because you made a big mistake. What is it? You haven’t added a big attractive CTA (Call-to-action) button on your landing page. 

Influencing your users to make a profitable action is not wrong at all. If you provide great and problem-solving content to your users, then you have the right to monetize your audience in a legit way.


Use Connectable Punchlines

Heart touching and connectable punchlines are helpful to win the trust of your audience. Every single user is priceless. Hence, add some attractive punchlines to last an impression in their mind for your brand. 

Use High-Quality Images

Images are more elaborating text form in comparison to text-based content. Images tend to engage users for a long time. 

Use high-quality images to describe your product or service. And, use Next-Gen format images like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. 

These image formats will load faster and consume less cellular data. 

High quality images
High quality images

Give Offers To Your Users

Don’t copy your competitors and give any extra benefits to your users so they can feel special with you. 

Provide relevant and useful offers to your users for more engagement and trustworthiness. 


Explain How Your Product And Service Can Solve Problem Of Your Users

Never produce selfish content because it’s never gonna work. If you want to build a two-way relationship with your audience, then add value to their lives through your online content.

Solve real-life issues of your customers. It can be done by anything like your product, service, content, etc. 

Solve issues of your customers
Solve issues of your customers

Recommend Related Products, Services, And Articles

Maybe your landing page is not compatible with a specific group of users. In this case, showing related products, services or blogs could be a great option for you to hold your users on your website longer.

The more time they spend on your site the more trust you build in their hearts. It maximizes the probability of a profitable action or a conversion. 

Working Group analyzing Reports

Make Your Buyer’s Journey Small

Suppose a buyer landed on your website to make a purchase and he is in a hurry. In this case, extending his journey could be the wrong exercise.

You can add a callout button, WhatsApp button or live chatbot to instantly convert your customer. Never add useless sections in your contact us form or don’t try to extend your buyer’s journey in any aspect.

It will help you to boost your conversion rate!

Buyer's journey
Buyer’s journey


Understand the intent of your users what they are looking for? Fulfill their requirements and you’ll get rewarded (get more conversions). 

Don’t think about yourself, but about your audience. If you can feel, understand and solve issues of your targeted audience, then definitely your brand is gonna rock the world soon. 


Just be consistent by keeping persistence in your mind.

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