How Digital Marketing Can Revive Your Business I Covid-19.

Covid-19 Impacted businesses Worldwide

Coronavirus increasing the unemployment rate worldwide drastically. There are thousands of people who get unemployed during the Corona crisis. 

Many lives lost and many are still struggling. In this struggling period there are thousands of startups and well established businesses fighting with the loss.

Resulting in this, the stock market has also fallen down badly. The crisis destroyed many business goals in a short period of time. 

Every business has been hit harder by the pandemic but the most common businesses which are suffering heavily from the pandemic are listed below: 

  1. Travel Business

As we know, worldwide airlines have stopped providing their services due to coronavirus as per the government orders. 

Traveling of a corona patient is the biggest factor in the rapid reach of Covid-19 worldwide. Hence, every country wants to be secured and airlines services are totally stopped.

Airline businesses facing huge losses in their businesses due to this crisis. 

  1. Restaurant Businesses

Public gatherings can cause corona to spread faster. People these days are not going outside to have food.

Resulting in this, restaurants and food-related businesses have been hampered.  

  1. Shopping Businesses

People are not going out anymore to buy something. Because of this shopping related businesses are facing huge losses in their ROI (return on investment). 

Goods consumption has dropped by a big number and the majority of people would avoid shopping for at least one or two years. 

  1. Sport Businesses

As we know, sports need physical interaction and this could be a risky thing in Covid-19 so all sport related businesses are closed right now. 

All big game events have been postponed and sports federations are facing recession right now. 

How Digital Marketing Can Help You?

Digital marketing is a beautiful way to stay connected with your targeted customers and to build a relationship with them even in the pandemic. 

Digital marketing can help you to sell products, services, promote NGOs, etc. There are hundreds of ways to promote your business online and some of them are mentioned below:

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have millions of active users. And, as a marketer, you can leverage these platforms to get targeted customers to your business website. 

Because of coronavirus, people are helpless to stay in their homes, and during this, they are spending more time over social media. 

In this period, you can reach your audience very easily and even you’ll get organic results better these days because more people are using the internet. 

Some of the most leading social media platforms by which you can increase your business are mentioned below:







These platforms are growing rapidly worldwide. Potentially your customers could be there and you should attract them via social media marketing because if you don’t do that then your competitors will. 

Influencer Marketing

Another way to market your brand and business and to make a profit is influencer marketing. In this technique, you have to pay the influencers in your own niche and can suck a good profit out of it. 

People still want to buy products but they need a trusted source and a reviewed product from their trusted influencer so they can actually buy it without any loss.

In this case, if you invest in influencer marketing then definitely you’re gonna get a good ROI. 

People these days are investing more in blog review posts and youtube review videos to get better results. 

Video Marketing

Videos are the most consuming content format these days. People love to consume videos instead of reading blog posts on a specific topic. 

If video marketing is not a part of your marketing strategy then you are losing a large number of potential customers. 

Also, video marketing can boost your conversion rates drastically. As we know, Youtube is the second largest search engine and can give you thousands of new potential customers monthly. 

So, include youtube and other video sharing platforms in your content marketing strategy to level up your strategy and to leverage more leads for your business. 

Email Marketing

Your customers have several options to choose different brands in the same industry you’re working in. 

In simple words, if you won’t build a relationship with them then there are very few chances that they’ll come back to you over and over again or be your returning visitor. 

So, email marketing is one the marketing strategies of even big brands to keep in touch with their customers.

You can wish them on special occasions and can send new product/service alerts, discount offers, etc to remind of your brand’s existence. 

Email marketing is still an effective technique which can help you to keep in touch with old customers as well as to target new ones.

Search Engine Marketing

There are already hundreds of brands which show above you in the SERP and you’re not getting attention from any of your potential customers. 

In this case, paid ads are best if you have a strong budget to spend on marketing. Search engine marketing is a fast and reliable way to show up in the SERP.

It is hard for startups to invest initially in search engine marketing but it is worth it to spend on SEM if you have good margins in your product or service.  

In COVID-19, this is a fast and easy method to boost your online sale. 


SEO (search engine optimization) is a time taking process to promote your business website. But, in the future, this will work amazingly. 

To be honest, this technique takes time and effort but you won’t regret doing that. Because it is a long game and you’ll get a return for years. 

Businesses right now don’t want to invest in their SEO strategy but this is the time where you can take a step ahead and invest your marketing funds in SEO.

This will help you in the future to stay ahead of your competitors. 


Covid-19 has affected businesses worldwide but there is still a way to revive your business through digital marketing or online marketing. 

This is the right time to start building your online reputation if you still want to compete and survive in the market.

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