Youtube Keyword Research: Find The Best Keywords For Your Youtube Videos?

youtube keyword research

What Is youtube Keyword Research?

Most of us use Youtube. Right? 

When we want to see something topic-specific videos we start putting some related keywords into the youtube to get the results. 

All these keywords can make a video’s position up and down in the Youtube search result page. 

In short, strategically placement of the keywords in your videos can help you to get more and more views on your videos. 

Youtube Keyword Research
Youtube Keyword Research

Why do you need keywords for your videos?

Keywords are helpful to explain your videos and to match the search intent of the user. 

Let me explain the 3 core benefits of placing relevant keywords strategically in your videos. 

1. Youtube Can Understand Your Videos Better

Youtube can understand what you say in your videos. So, if you say your targeted keyword in your video 2 to 3 times and use the same keyword in your title and description then it helps Youtube to understand your video’s topic better.

Resulting in this, Youtube will recommend your video to the right audience and your channel growth will get boosted. 

Youtube videos
Youtube videos

2. Real Users Will Get Influenced To Click On Your Video

Suppose, a searcher puts a keyword in the youtube “how to make a chocolate cake”.

The intent of this keyword is simple as it sounds like he/she wants to see the recipe and process to make a chocolate cake.

Now, after searching this term, the user got thousands of videos to make a chocolate cake but the most appealing and influencing video would be that which consists of the same term in its title and description. Right?

Because it’s meeting the search intent.

In short, people feel more confident to click on a video when they see similar or exact words in the video which they are searching for.

Youtube video click
Youtube video click

3. Your Videos May Get Ranked On Google’s Video Section

Another benefit of placing good keywords in your videos is that your videos may get rank out of the Youtube like on Google’s video section. 

It means you can leverage more organic traffic to your videos and can increase awareness of your brand. 

Google's video section
Google’s video section

How To Do Youtube Keyword Research?

Youtube keyword research stands on three legs like a tripod.

That’s why the rule we use is called the tripod rule. 

There are 3 things which you need to keep in your mind while you do keyword research for your youtube videos. 

These 3 things are mentioned below:- 

  • Search Volume 
  • Competition
  • Relevance

What Is Keyword Search Volume And How To Check It? 

Search volume refers to how many times a keyword gets searched in a month by the real users. 

If the monthly search volume is good then it is beneficial to make a video on that specific term. 

Now, if you ask what is the good number of search volume then it is hard to answer.

In some industries, 500 is enough and in some industries, 50k is enough.

So, you need to figure out your industry and profit ratio to identify how many monthly users are enough for you.

The next step is to check the keyword’s search volume on which you want to make a video.

You need two things:-

  • Chrome Browser
  • Keyword Planner

So, simply open the keyword planner by signing up in Google ads. 

Keyword planner tool
Keyword planner tool

Put your seed keyword (on which you want to make a video) into the “Discover New Keywords” section.

Discover new
Discover new

For example, I wanna make a video on the keyword “how to grow a Facebook group”. 

How to grow a Facebook group
How to grow a Facebook group

The keyword planner will show me the search volume of this keyword here. 

Search volume
Search volume

The second way to figure out the search volume of a keyword is to directly open your chrome browser and then open an incognito window in it.

Incognito mode in chrome browser
Incognito mode in chrome browser

Now, open youtube and search the same term on which you wanna make a video. In my case, I’ll search the same term “How to grow a Facebook group”. 

Then see the top 10 videos and see their subscribers. If a video of any small channel (with 10k to 100k subscribers) is ranking over there then it is ranking because of quality content.

Now, see how old the video is and how many views it got. 

For example, if a video was uploaded 6 months ago and showing 6k views on it so we can say that the video is getting 1k views every month. 

That’s how we can evaluate the average search volume on it. 

What Is Keyword Competition And How To Check It? 

Finding out the competition for a keyword is a very crucial part of keyword research to actually figure out the possibilities to rank out on that specific term. 

So, you can check the keyword’s competition by 2 simple methods.

Firstly, go to the keyword planner and put your seed keyword over there then press enter.

The keyword planner will show you whether the competition is low, medium, or high on that term.

See the competition and choose keywords with low competition and then proceed further. 

Now, if you are creating your video in the local language instead of English then your competition is with only the same language video creators. 

So, simply go to the Google Chrome browser then open youtube in incognito mode and search for the term you selected.

See how many video creators have already created the video on the same topic and in the same language you chose. 

If there are very few then go and create a video on that topic as soon as possible. 

What Is Keyword Relevance And How To Check It? 

Keyword relevance refers to how relatable a keyword is with the topic you chose.  

There are two things which you need to focus on for keyword relevance:

  • Keyword Intent
  • Long-Tail Variations Of That Keyword

Keyword intent:- Every keyword has its own intent. If you can understand the intent of the phrase and can mold your content accordingly then you’ll get a far better response from your real users and Youtube. 

Long-tail variations of that keyword:- As a video creator if you cover more variations of your targeted keyword then there would be a higher chance to get more views.

Because youtube can understand what you say in your videos and if you cover related topics and sub-topics in your videos then it would be easier for youtube to understand the video context and concept.

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